Do you own or know of a house that is important to the South Mesquite Historic District? Has anyone who contributed to the history of the District ever lived there?  Have you seen plaques displayed on homes in the neighborhood and thought that yours deserved one, too?  Las Esperanzas wants to hear from you!  Our plaque committee encourages anyone who knows of a historic property in the South Mesquite Historic District that deserves to be honored with a memorial plaque to submit a nomination formto us.

                 Plaque Nomination Form <--Click to access form

As part of the process of awarding a plaque, Las Esperanzas requests that:

     - You provide us with at least a one page history of the house, a story about someone associated with it or something else about it that would be interesting to learn about.

     - You be willing to paint the plaque.  The plaque awarded will be unfinished cast aluminum.

     - You be willing to mount the plaque in a conspicuous spot on your property to display your pride in your home and its importance to the history of the Mesquite Historic District.

As part of our education mission, we will be creating a self-guided walking tour of the South Mesquite Historic District.  Once your plaque is mounted, we would like to include your home on the tour.  The guide is not quite ready yet, but we are working on it for the near future. 

Sitting around the house and looking for something to do outdoors on a pleasant Sunday afternoon?  Residents and visitors will be able to download the tour guide, walk around the neighborhood, spot a house with a plaque and learn something interesting about the history and culture of the Las Cruces neighborhood we call home.

Some homes that have received plaques in 2017-2018

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Part of our mission is to support the preservation of and pride in historic buildings in the South Mesquite Historic District.  To honor these homes and their colorful history, Las Esperanzas is awarding memorial plaques <--Click for plaque history to owners who have demonstrated their commitment to this mission.  As of 2018, Las Esperanzas has awarded 37 plaques which you can see prominently displayed throughout the District.  Our last ceremony was in November, 2018 <--Click for photo of plaque recipients .   Our ceremony was covered by the Las Cruces Sun-News <-- Click for story.  We will be awarding several plaques every couple years. 

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