Hand painted tile scenes from the North Gateway to the Mesquite Historic District at Spruce Ave. and Tornillo St.

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Las Esperanzas meets the first Thursday of the month at 5:30 PM at El Calvario United Methodist Church annex, 240 N Mesquite St.   We welcome anyone who lives in our neighborhood or is interested in the Mesquite Historic District  to join us. 


Mesquite Historic District and Original Town Site


Las Esperanzas, Inc. was founded by Mrs. Consuelo Lerma, a native and lifelong resident of Las Cruces and elderly widow living in her home on the east boundary of the original Las Cruces townsite.  After repeated, unsuccessful attempts to get assistance from the city to stop the deterioration of the neighborhood,  she formed an alliance in 1999 with several of her neighbors and friends.  They called themselves Las Esperanzas, meaning The Hope.  Meetings were held in neighborhood homes and communication increased between the police and the community.  One of the original Directors was police Officer Gallegos.  His interest spread to others on the force and soon the A. Fielder Safe Haven Weed and Seed Program <--Click to view website  was born.

Mesquite Historic District Map

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Las Esperanzas, Inc. is an educational, social and charitable organization established to advocate for the renaissance of the Mesquite Historic District and original townsite of the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico through: the revitalization of our neighborhood; the protection of our culture; and the preservation and renovation of our buildings.

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